Toni Travel Set by Tonner LE NRFB FAO Schwarz Exclusive


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Effanbee Toni “Play Wave Travel Set” 2007 FAO Schwarz Exclusive by Tonner Doll Company for Effanbee Toni® as a 14” hard plastic, fine doll with an endearing nod to the vintage days of yesteryear. Toni® is a recreation of the original P-90 14” Toni® as originally manufactured by Ideal. This is an amazing set created by Tonner as an exclusive for FAO Schwarz around 2007! You get a wonderful redhead 14″ Toni in her pajamas with extra fashions and many accessories. This is all wonderfully packaged in a special Toni gift set with the Toni “Play Wave” kit! This rare set is just like new and has never been displayed or removed from the box!